» Because only Vin Diesel could ever be ridiculously nerdy enough to attend the UK world premiere red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a “I am Groot” t-shirt and walking on stilts


only reason i keep drawing these ugly ghostbustin’ teens?? is because i want someone to watch the series and talk to me about it (the pilot is kinda iffy but thats what its like with everything seriously the rest is so good)


only reason i keep drawing these ugly ghostbustin’ teens?? is because i want someone to watch the series and talk to me about it (the pilot is kinda iffy but thats what its like with everything seriously the rest is so good)




My name is Janit, and I have just been diagnosed with a pretty heavy hitting terminal brain cancer called Grade III Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma. I had neurosurgery to remove the tumor, but it’s not treatable by that alone, and honestly, it doesn’t respond well to other treatments either. The battle is going to be long, hard and exhausting. The average life expectancy is 3 1/2 years. I do not have a good relationship with my family, mostly due to my queerness, and am very scared of having to go home to them for care and living the remaining life I have left in a hellhole. I cannot work and was denied disability, making a lot of things hard to pay for. I am asking you for help. Below is my GoFundMe account where you can donate money to help me with things like rent, food, medical care, and therapy. Anything and everything helps. I am already overwhelmed with the generosity that has been given to me, but the care I need is expensive. I am lost and doing the last thing I can think of, asking the universe to provide and hoping that it does. I am young, scared shitless and begging for your help. If you cannot donate, I would appreciate if you could give this a signal boost. Help in any and all forms is immensely appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Feel free to follow me and watch my story unfold. I love and need friends right now


Hey so I'm out of the loop apparently but what has that andythanfiction person done???
- Anonymous


oh hey, it’s fine! you’re not out of the loop. i was not aware of this person’s existence until about an hour ago, but he’s trying to get into the teen wolf fandom now, and guys, we can’t let this happen.

you can read many, many posts about the things that he has done, but essentially he has been involved in shady cult shit since the lord of the rings fandom. it’s kind of scary to imagine what he could do in the teen wolf fandom since it is much smaller than the ones he was previously a part of and the people in the fandom tend to be much younger.

here is one post about him that you can read.

as of right now, he is following people and messaging them to let them know that he was recommended their blogs. if you get a message from andythanfiction, ignore it. please do not engage. this guy is bad news. it won’t just affect our fandom, but it could affect the cast as well. you can go back and read about his lotr fandom days.


to my : the bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, aromantics, demisexuals and anyone else who “doesn’t exist”. We are real and we are here to kick ass


hey if you’re a malia-positive blog would you mind reblogging this so i can follow blogs that don’t actually hate my baby????






So Joss Whedon has been saying for a year that he wants to kill off a character in Avengers 2? He then clarifies that killing off someone is killing off their franchise potential. (Source)

And then Sam Wilson and Agent Triplett show up on set, two beloved characters who Marvel has stated no solo-franchise plans for…

Now, I know it’s relatively “tin-foil hat crazy” to think these two events are related, but I think these two are related.

Expendable black character is killed off to generate white man pain and woobie angst fodder for hurt/comfort white dick fencing fics

I don’t know about you but I’m already planning my “protect Nick Fury/Rhodey/Sam Wilson” campaign.


ugh. dont fucking do it joss. we know your pattern



#possibly the worst photoset in existence 

man, all you gotta do is to imagine steve doing all of these post-cap2:

1. pressed shoulder to shoulder with bucky on the couch, watching their old war tapes, ha you looked like such a weiner with your hair like that

2. getting calls from natasha!! all hours of the night and day. steve’ll be jogging or something and his cell will buzz and it’ll be from an unlisted number, hey what is your opinion on [deep philosophical/moral/political issue] and also rhodey wants your rsvp for the batchelor party, he knows you’ve been avoiding him and wants you to know that despite what tony says there’s NOT going to be strippers.

she also gives him rides to and from visiting peggy. on the drives back she plays harry james and lets steve be silent and nostalgic, looking out the window

3. sam loves open-air cafes, loves any excuse to eat outside. every sunday, he and steve will pick a new one to brunch in, obstinately to round out steve’s 21st century culinary education, but mostly so that sam can update his not-so-secret foodie blog. as they sip their coffee after the meal, steve brings out a small sketchpad and draws buildings, people, and a lot of sam’s face as he hunches over his laptop, muttering about the consistency of chocolate mousse.

4. bucky’s crammed into that seat by the window, leaning into steve’s space as he hotly debates the artistic merits of inception versus early hitchcock films with natasha, who’s sitting in the perpendicular seat. it’s dissolved into russian and steve’s worried that they’re either conspiring to kill someone or go halfsies on a wedding present for tony & pepper without cutting steve in like they promised. sam’s hanging onto the rail by steve’s shoulder, scrolling through imgur on this phone. occasionally he’ll shove it in steve’s face and 9/10 times it’ll be a picture of some kid dressed up like captain america. or falcon. steve can’t help but smile, soft and ridiculous, every single time.

(they’re going out drinking, they’re going home to crash, they’re going to kill a man. doesn’t matter. they’re young-ish adults in the city that never sleeps. they’ll figure it out.)